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SPECIFICATIONS: Unity, C#, Leap Motion, Oculus DK2, MySQL

The "Virtual Enivorment for the Development of Interactive Code" is a software platform developed in Unity to develop and discover tools that can make Virtual Reality a medium for developer tasks. Coupled with a Leap Motion Controller and Oculus Headset, users can manipulate and inspect their remote MySQL databases in a virtual enviorment.

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Other Partners: William Funk, James Vinson

Cabal Effect


At the 2016 Knight Hacks Hackathon, we had less than 24 hours to create a a conspiracy-based social media platform where users can post content about conspiricies to share and discuss. There was the Parse-back-end (my contribution), and the website and Android front-ends created by William Funk and Evan Glazer respectivley.

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Other Partners: William Funk, Evan Glazer



This system was built with the intentions of building a Slot system that can be modular to fit a variety of configuration, themes, and playstyles. The variant of the current system is a Sweepstakes Entry reader, which communicates with servers to retrieve information of user entries. A menu system accompanies the game library for ease of use and auto-updating of games. The games include options to enable thematic one-click skill games, bonus games, and eligibility systems. Currently 16 total games.

Other Partners: William Funk

*This system was designed for contract work.


SPECIFICATIONS: HTML5, CS, JavaScript, Firebase

Phoodbuddy was a project built to allow users to customize 'taste' profiles and search for recipes. Under the hood, Phoodbuddy utilizes a algorithm to determine potential recipes based off of previous repcipes and comparing ingrediants with their taste profile. It runs off of Firebase and at its finalization had multiple platform supports including an android and windows phone with a main web portal.

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Other Partners: William Funk

Prior Experiances

Toptech Systems - Software Enginer I

Maintaining current applications on both server and client level doing ehancement/defect work (C++, C#). Developing new application for interfacing with data on a web client (PHP, JQuery).

Toptech Systems
1124 Florida Central Pkwy
Longwood, FL 32750

Toptech Internship - Data Scientist

Worked as a data scientist, researched proposed topic, analyzed database structures, pitch potential solutions, managed milestones and conducted meetings

Toptech Systems
1124 Florida Central Pkwy
Longwood, FL 32750

Freelance - Sweepstakes Reveal System

Developing a slot-machine front-end user application that integrates with a sweepstakes system coupled with a menu system for auto-updating and navigation to different themed variants. Uses Unity(C#) and NewtonSoft for server integration

Dr. Leinecker
Phone Number: (336)-394-8830

Teaching Assistant (UCF COP3503)

Assist students with course materials while collaborating with faculty to create assignments to serve as extended learning material for adept students. Used Java.

Department of Computer Science
University of Central Florida
4328 Scorpius Street
Building 116-Room 346
Orlando, FL 32816